Jack smiles at the camera, wearing a cap and glasses, seated next to Lake Merritt in OaklandI'm Jack Aponte, a Black Boricua genderqueer butch living in Oakland, CA. Before this I lived in Brooklyn for 11 years and Jersey before that. My pronouns are they and them. I'm a worker-owner at Palante Technology Cooperative and am on sabbatical from August through December 2020. In a few places online (especially Backdrop and Drupal communities) I use the handle jackalope.

This is my personal site and blog. The 2012 Allied Media Conference put too many ideas in my head and they needed to go someplace, so I started jackalop.es on the flight home.

You can also find me writing online on Truthout, Twitter and the Palante Tech blog. My last personal blog was AngryBrownButch, I was once a contributor at Feministe, and a long, long time ago I blogged at Surblimity.

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